Your Siding project: What To Expect

Locally Grown and Owned in Central Texas

Before We Start

  • Move items away from home
  • Remove decorative items from exterior and interior walls
  • Choose final paint colors and complete color selection sheet
  • Protect/move any sensitive plants/bushes away from home
  • Consider purchasing new light fixtures, outlet covers, vent covers, house numbers, doorbell, etc.


Phase I: Removal/Inspection/Install

  • Removal of existing items: light fixtures, outlet covers, vent covers, house numbers, doorbell, etc.
  • Existing siding/house wrap removed to studs
  • Inspect existing framing, re-enforce/replace any bad framing (eight studs include in price)
  • Inspect existing insulation, and replace any intermittent voids
  • Install new Hardie Wrap, Hardie Siding and Hardie Trim
  • Yard clean up

Phase II: Clean/Caulk/Paint

  • Areas to be painted are cleaned, caulked/sealed per James Hardie best practice
  • All contracted areas are painted with 2 coats of Sherwin Williams paint, trim is face painted
  • Yard clean up

Phase III: Punch List/Walk Through

  • Install previously removed items, or new items customer has purchased
  • Home is reviewed by Kyle/Marcus for any items outstanding
  • Final items addressed and walk-through with homeowners is complete
  • Final yard clean up
  • Leftover materials picked up
  • Collect final payment and request homeowner reviews
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