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Why Replace Your Windows?

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

By installing windows with low-e coatings, your windows will now block 99.9% of uv rays, reject thermal rays before they can make the room feel super-heated, and protect your floors, furniture, and artwork from bleaching. We also recommend utilizing argon/krypton gas to fill the glass pack. These gasses are denser than air, acting as an insulator to keep our air conditioning inside our homes.

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New windows greatly reduce external and unwanted noise to allow a quieter existence inside your home. Most windows, original to the home, often have balance failure which can make operating the windows difficult or non-operational. Window replacement will ensure ease of use, guaranteed operation and upgraded balance system technology to enjoy for years to come.



Wilco windows are not only made to be looked through, but also to be looked at. Bring back sharp visibility and solidly constructed frames to add finishing touches to your home. No more “fogginess” due to condensation or discolored glass or frames due to harsh uv rays and mineral deposits. Our knowledge can help express your design creativity.


How Much Can You Save?

Take your highest utility bill in the summer, subtract your lowest bill in the winter, and you can save 40% on that number.

Calculation developed by the window industry when you upgrade from a single panel aluminum window to a modern energy efficient unit.

There Are Four Primary Materials Used in Frame Construction, Each Have Unique Considerations

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum is strong and lightweight, which allows for a narrower frame with clearer glass. Modern, thermally broke aluminum windows offer a sleek, contemporary style, especially in the darker color options.


Aluminum used to be the most cost-effective option in replacement windows. To meet energy guidelines for most big cities, aluminum windows need to be thermally broken. This is a process in which the frame is bifurcated, injected with a resin, and re-assembled. This negates any cost savings and makes the window more expensive than a typical vinyl offering.

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl is extremely energy efficient, low maintenance, and affordable. This is why 85% of our clients choose a vinyl window package. It offers the most flexibility around style and customization in the market, whether specialized shapes, sizes, or operational detail.


While vinyl is thermally inert and extremely energy efficient, to build them strong enough the frames must be thick. Some homeowners notice a loss of clarity in the glass when transitioning to a vinyl package.


Fiberglass/Composite is reputable for its strength. Being 11x stronger than vinyl, this allows for a slimmer frame design with clearer glass. Large sizes are easily accommodated with energy efficiency comparable to vinyl. Dark color pallet options, with color through the product versus painted.


Cost is on the high end and style availability is limited. Special shapes can be difficult to manufacture.

Wood Frames

Who doesn’t appreciate the look and feel of real wood? Color options are endless whether your preference is paint or stain. Low exterior maintenance, great hardware selections and durable, energy efficient options.


Cost. Retro fitting presents challenges, requires interior trim and the loss of sills.

What Our Customers Say

We replaced 29 windows in our house. The windows look great and we’re installed great. The crew was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions, and we will use them again at another house. Highly recommend them for all your window needs.

Olaga F.

Residential Customer

Wilco installed new double pane windows in our home and they are beautiful! Marcus and Kyle were a pleasure to work with - start to finish. They helped us pick the exact style for our home, followed up and remained in communication with us until and through installation.

Palomino Landscape

Residential Customer

Their installation team was thorough and clean. I can tell they took the time to do quality work. I highly recommend them!

Conner R.

Residential Customer

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We have a passion for design and the highest-quality energy-efficient products and materials. 


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